Our Business Model

Freedom Leaf Health (OTCQB: FRLF) is a global leader in plant-based care with a family of brands providing premium hemp CBD health products across consumer and pet markets to promote greater health, wellness and longevity. FRLF is a clean healthcare company establishing a new standard in care with plant-based health products designed to naturally restore, revitalize and strengthen bodies and minds with no chemicals, known side effects or addiction risks. FRLF’s consumer promise of “your health first” underscores its universal commitment to produce only premium quality hemp CBD health products under its family of trusted brands.

FRLF has two mainstream health product brands and plans to add more. IrieCBD is the company’s flagship brand providing premium, full spectrum hemp CBD health products competing against OTC brands in over ten areas. IrieCBD aims to be the plant-based brand of choice in every product category it enters. The Hempology brand brings clean health to dogs, cats and horses with THC-free, hemp CBD pet treats that maintain healthy inflammation and calmness for pet comfort. Hempology aims to become the #1 plant-based pet treat brand for pet lovers. Freedom Leaf Leafceuticals is the company’s most advanced health product line created for health practitioners, caregivers and patients battling serious illness. With Leafceuticals, we bring the science of CBD to deep areas where remarkable successes have been reported, so that anyone who suffers or who cares for someone who suffers can safely explore the possibilities. We expect to launch our Leafceuticals brand later in 2019. In addition, we seek to add a beverage and a beauty brand in the future to further extend our clean health value proposition to emerging CBD categories.

Our Health & Wellness Portfolio

Freedom Leaf Health is a clean healthcare company with a family of trusted plant-based care brands providing premium hemp CBD health products to support greater health, wellness, and longevity. Priced to compete, available in the most popular forms (tinctures, creams, capsules) and for sale at mainstream retail locations and online, there are no safer, higher quality or more effective hemp CBD health products on the market today.

Filings & Dislclosure

Freedom Leaf Inc. (OTCQB: FRLF, d.b.a. Freedom Leaf Health) is a fully audited, fully reporting publicly traded company. Founded by believers of good governance and designed to be a model example of the hemp industry, Freedom Leaf has always maintained a strong accounting and reporting staff to ensure our audits and disclosures are fully in line with SEC rules and regulations. Investing with Freedom Leaf Inc. is an investment you can trust.

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As a thought leader in plant-based care, we believe it is our responsibility to educate consumers and health practitioners, advance research and knowledge and to accelerate the cultural shift to clean health.

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