Richard Cowan


Richard Cowan is an icon in leading the fight for access to plant-based care and health alternatives for over 30 years. A Yale graduate and lifetime activist, he co-founded Freedom Leaf Inc. to bring the best of plant-based care to the people who need it most. Starting with the 1972 breakout cover article on William Buckley’s National Review, Cowan galvanized conservative support to end cannabis prohibition. Richard also served as the Executive Director of NORML, the nation’s long standing leader in cannabis advocacy. Cowan remains a seminal voice for fair access and regulation in the industry and well-regarded by leaders in business, academia and politics. He remains on NORML’s board of notable academics, along with Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis Ph.D, co-producer of Cosmos Ann Druyan (with her husband, Carl Sagan), The Cato Institute’s David Boaz, and others.

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